Getting Pregnant During Ovulation - Does This Make You More Likely to Produce a Girl Or a Boy Baby?

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I firmly believe that most people chose the time frame during their ovulation window to attempt to get pregnant.  After all, this period of time is among the easiest in your cycle to pinpoint and this gives you a very easy point of reference from which to start trying to conceive.  Did you know though, that depending on which day in this window that you were successful in getting pregnant, this could help determine the sex or gender of your baby?  I find that many people are somewhat aware that this is possible, but not too many understand why this is true and really know which specific days are more likely to produce a girl and which days are more likely to produce a boy.  I'll try to take some of the confusion out of this in the following article.

If You Were To Get Pregnant During Ovulation, You'd Possibly Be More Likely To Conceive A Boy: Here's something that you may or may not know.  The boy or Y sperm are the shortest lived and weakest of both sperm chromosomes.  So, if you tried to conceive before ovulation occurred, many of the Y (male producing) sperm would have been significantly weakened or could have possibly died off completely by the time the egg was ready to do it's part to help you get pregnant.

Now, the egg can generally survive for a few days but conceiving on the first day that it's ready is the best time frame to conceive a boy.  You want these Y's to be at their very best for the most favorable results.  However, if you want a girl, you'd want to push your time frame up by at least three days.

If You Want A Daughter, You Should Strive For An Earlier Window: You may have surmised that if the boy sperm need a late window because they are weak, the girl sperm would be better off with an earlier window because they are strong.  This assumption is mostly correct.  The X's can thrive for much longer and this is no doubt an advantage, but the disadvantage here is that it can be harder or more difficult to call ovulation 3 - 4 days out.  You'll often have better results using ovulation predictors that test saliva because, for whatever reason, they do show changes several days earlier than most kits.

Timing Is Not All There Is To Think About: When you conceive in terms of your ovulation does play a big role in your baby's gender.  But, here's something else to think about.  Once these sperm chromosomes are released, they have a long and variable trip before they make it to the finish line or are successful in reaching the egg.  They have to travel through your vaginal and reproductive tract and they will either make it healthy and thriving or they won't.  The reason that many of them won't is because they weren't exactly welcomed with open arms in your vaginal tract.  Boy sperm have a really hard time thriving (or even surviving) if your PH is too high or if you are too acidic.  So, if a son is you're goal, you'll need to lower your PH in order to become more alkaline.  However, you'll want to be more acidic and will want a higher PH is a daughter is your goal.

You can tweak your PH is a few ways. The first is to be very conscious about the foods you eat.  All foods have their own specific PH. Some are high and some are low.  For a girl, you want to eat those foods that are quite high. The opposite is true for a boy baby.  There are lists which give you the values for countless foods that can make this a bit easier.  You can test your PH to tell you if what you are doing is working well enough. If not, you can also try douching with very specific ingredients that are used or omitted depending on the gender you want and what your level is at the time.  The best case scenario is to see your magic number pop up on the tester and then to have your positive reading on your ovulation predictor occur at the same time.  This is not as hard as you may think, but it does take planning and diligence.

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Getting Pregnant During Ovulation - Does This Make You More Likely to Produce a Girl Or a Boy Baby?

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Getting Pregnant During Ovulation - Does This Make You More Likely to Produce a Girl Or a Boy Baby?

This article was published on 2010/03/31