How Important is Predicting Ovulation When Conceiving a Girl Baby? I'll Tell You

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If you spend a decent amount of time reading about or researching natural gender selection, you'll likely see that there's a lot more information on timing your ovulation with your conception when conceiving girl babies than there is for boys.  I believe that the reason for this is that getting the ovulation timing right when trying to conceive a girl is a bit more trickier for most folks than the same task would be if you had wanted a boy.  I will discuss this more in the following article.

Conception And Ovulation Timing Is Equally Important When Conceiving Both Boys And Girls, But Calculating This Can Be Harder If You Want A Girl Baby:  So let's break this down.  Generally speaking, you want to try to conceive much earlier if you are trying for a girl baby.  Why is this?  Well it's simply because boy or Y sperm do not live for very long in terms of days or even hours.  It's known that their life spans are much shorter than the X or girl producing sperm.

So, if you had wanted a boy, you could conceive as late as the day after ovulation and be just fine.  But, this is not your reality.  You want a female child, so you will need to start trying much earlier than this.  In fact, four days before ovulation would not be too early, but you should stop trying at the end of the third day before ovulation.

So, why is it trickier to hit this particular target?  Because most ovulation predictors and methods only tell you when you have already ovulated and the only time this information is relevant to you is when you are trying to get pregnant with a boy baby.  Think about it.  Cervical mucus, basal temperature, and even urine ovulation predictors all give you a "positive" reading after you have already ovulated.  But, this is not the day that you are interested in if you want a daughter.

There is a way around this.  Using saliva ovulation predictors are more helpful in this scenario because they will give you a "positive" reading much earlier.  If you've never seen one of these, they're basically a little slide on which you place a bit of saliva.  You then look at this under a small magnifier that is included.  You will see many patterns when you look at the screen.  Believe it or not, these patterns change a lot as ovulation approaches. With your saliva prediction kit, you'll typically get a little book which will show you what the patterns should look like say five days before ovulation on down to the days following ovulation. So, knowing that you are three days before your egg is ready is not so hard with the right tools.

Timing Is Crucial, But It's Not The Only Thing: There's no question that timing is vital for choosing your baby's gender.  If you are even 1-2 days late, you can throw the whole thing off.  But, your acidity and pH is also very important because this is just one more way that you are able to weed out the Y or boy producing sperm.  Male producing sperm can not comfortably live in an environment with a high pH.  And in this case, that environment is your vaginal tract.  So, if you want a daughter, then you want to create a sky high, and brutally hostile environment because the X sperm are going to quite comfortable here while the Y sperm will not. 

How do you do this? There are a few ways. And I'm going to start talking about tools again.  This time, the helper is pH testing strips.  They are not too hard to find, they are inexpensive, and they will tell you what your pH is before you try to change it.  This will give you important information on timing and how drastic the changes you make need to be. And the changes that I am referring to are diet and douching.  You'll want to load up on acidic foods and / or douche with solutions based on raising the number that the pH tester gave you.

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How Important is Predicting Ovulation When Conceiving a Girl Baby? I'll Tell You

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This article was published on 2010/04/02